Training Centre

CDSS offers flexible training programs for Engineers & Designers. Certification is a reliable validation of your skills and knowledge, and can lead to accelerated professional development, improved productivity and enhanced credibility for you and your employer. Key Benefits
  • Gain industry recognized training on a range industry standard applications
  • Display your vendor certified certificate (Bentley & Autodesk)
Feel free to contact us regarding any On-Site Training proposals you may have as we will be sure to accommodate your requests. Throughout many industries and occupations, training classes are an essential part of everyday business. Whether it is a mandatory class designed for employees, or a class of a person’s choice, it is designed to help them in an area of desired improvement. Our preferred solution is to offer training in our in-house Training center here in Lagos. But where this not a viable option, we will provide this training within the organization’s premises (within Lagos, or Nigeria’s borders). This offers the additional benefit of having our qualified instructors troubleshoot on-site technical problems during the training.